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Thank you for purchasing the Nili Companion Tablet. Please read the instructions below to set up your tablet and get started.

The Nili Companion Tablet is intuitively designed to make navigation a breeze. The following tutorials give step-by-step instructions on how to use all of the features and get the most out of your tablet.

For additional information, please see our FAQs or Contact Us.

Setting Up the Tablet

Nili Companion Tablet and packaging.

Take your Nili system out of the box. Turn on your Nili Companion Tablet by holding down the power button for 3-5 seconds. The tablet will take approximately 30 seconds to turn on. Then, plug in your Nili Companion Tablet and place it in its stand.

Press the "Turn on Wi-Fi" button and select your Wi-Fi network. Enter your Wif-Fi password and press ‘Connect’.

Tip: If the Wi-Fi selection seems disabled, check the Use Wi-Fi toggle and ensure it is on.

Next, press "Set Timezone" and confirm that the pre-populated time zone is correct by selecting “Yes”.

If the time zone is not correct, select "No, choose a different one" and then select the correct time zone from the list.

Finally, press the "Enter Code" button to display a 6-digit code. This code can be used by one care partner on their downloaded Nili Mobile App (available on the App Store or Google Play store). When your care partner enters this 6-digit code, they will join your care group and can invite additional members  – or you can generate another code in Settings.

Tip: Each code will expire 30 mins after it was generated.

Your Nili Companion Tablet will now provide you with a tour of the tablet and you’ll be ready to go!

Home Screen

The main section of the Home screen shows your schedule for the day. These activities are created either by you or your care partners (see "Add an Activity" for more). Each activity will have a title and time. It can also have a note with more information – such as to take a certain medication with a meal, or who will pick you up for your doctor’s appointment.

At the scheduled time of the activity, there will be a notification pop-up on your tablet screen and the title will be read out loud. If you complete the activity, press “Done”. If you will not complete it now, press “Close” to return to the Home screen. If you do not press either, the notification will go away after 15 minutes and mark itself as missed. If you complete the activity later, simply press on the activity, then press "Done" when the notification pop-up appears.

There will be a green check mark indicating completed activities, and a red "X" indicating missed activities, making it very easy to keep track of your schedule.

The expand button in the top right corner will allow you to see the schedule of future or past days.

Press on the arrows to move to a different date one day at a time.

Or click on the calendar icon in the top middle of the Home screen to jump to a specific date.

Find the date you are looking for, and press “Go to date”. If you’d like to return to the current day, go back into the calendar and click “Today”.

Click on the "Home" button at any time to return to the Home screen. This will always be in the bottom middle of the screen if you are not on the Home screen. You can click on any of the five icons on the right side of the screen to use those features – each has its own section in the user manual and the tutorials below. 

Add an Activity

To add an activity, first, go to the expanded schedule view from the Home screen.

Click on “Add” in the top right corner.

You can choose from the categories ‘Daily Activities’, ‘Appointments’, ‘Medications’, and ‘Video Calls’.

After choosing the category, choose an option or select "Other" if the activity you'd like to enter does not match any of the preset options. You will be able to customize the name of the activity.

Next, select the date and time of the activity.

You can schedule recurring activities, such as if it is for medications that need to be taken daily. Select how often you would like the activity to recur by toggling the "Recurring" switch on.

If you select "Daily" then you can select or unselect the days of the week. you can also set activities to recur on a biweekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Lastly, you can enter further instructions in the note. Once you press “Save”, then this activity will be added.

Make a Video Call

From the Home screen, select "Video Calls".

You will see the profile photo for every person in your care group. If you can’t see them all, drag your finger across the screen from right to left to swipe and see all of your care partners. To make a call, press the photo of the person you want to talk to.

Tip: If you see a gray icon like Jonathan above, ask your care partner to add a profile picture.

Click "Video Call" to start the call.

During your call, you can press the camera icon to turn off your camera and the mic icon to mute yourself. If your loved one can’t see or hear you, check these buttons!

Try out the camera flip icon to use the back-facing camera on your tablet instead.

Once the call is over, press the red hang-up button to end your call.

If they don’t answer, try again later, or try calling a different care partner!

Play Brain Games

Playing memory games has been shown to help maintain a healthy brain. From the Home screen, select "Brain Games" from the right column.

Select the game you’d like to play. Detailed game instructions are available within each game on the tablet.

There is an Easy, Medium, and Hard level for each game, where applicable.

During the game, you can switch difficulty, start over, or quit.

Tip: If you don’t want sound effects during your game, you can turn Game Sounds off in Settings.

View Photos

You can share pictures with your care group and vice versa!

From the Home screen, select "Photos"

You can see who uploaded each photo by looking at the icon in the lower right corner – it will either be their profile photo or the first letter of their name.

You can click on a photo to see it in full screen and swipe to the right to see the next photo.

If you want to look at pictures from a particular person, you can press the "Filter" button, and then click on that care partner, then "Apply Filter". You can also filter the photos by how recent they are. If you’d like to see all the photos again, press "Filter" again, then "Clear Filter".

If you would like to share a photo with your care group, press "Add Photo" and take the picture. Then your care group will be able to view it.

When someone in your care group adds a new photo, you will get a notification pop-up that says "Alex has added a new photo. Do you want to check it out?".

If you press "Yes", then you will be taken into Photos to view the photo in full screen. If you press "Later", the pop-up will go away and you can view the picture at a later time in Photos.

Your photos can display in a slideshow as your screensaver by selecting that option in Settings.

Listen to Music

You can use your Nili Companion Tablet to listen to music. Select "Music" from the Home screen.

You can choose music by Genre...

...or by Era.

Select one to begin listening.

You can adjust the volume using the slider on the right side of the screen.

To pause the music, press the "Pause" icon. If you want to skip a song, press the "Next" icon. You can pause the music or skip the song at any time.

If you exit the Music screen, the music will continue to play.

Pressing on the music icon next to the Home button will allow you to pause, skip, or adjust the volume of the song without returning to the Music screen. You will also have the option to return to the Music screen if you’d like to change the music selection by selecting a different Era or Genre.


To adjust the settings of your Nili Companion Tablet, select "Settings" from the Home Screen.

Here you can tailor your Nili Companion Tablet settings to suit your needs.

Brightness: Click on the Brightness box to adjust the brightness of your tablet screen.

Invite Group Member: If you want to invite someone to your care group, click ‘Invite Group Member’ a new 6-digit code will display. Give that number to a care partner to enter in their Nili Mobile App. Your care partners can download the Nili Mobile App from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Notification Volume: Click on the Notification Volume to make the volume of your notifications louder or quieter.

Timezone: If you would like to select a different time zone than the one chosen in the tablet setup, you can do so by selecting Timezone.

Wi-Fi Settings: Select Wi-Fi Settings to connect your Nili Companion Tablet to a new Wi-Fi network.

Screensaver: Select Screensaver to choose what kind of screensaver you’d like to see when your Nili Companion tablet is not in use. You can choose different designs, or for your Photos to be displayed. In the upper right-hand corner, you can choose how long the screensaver will display before your screen turns off.

Game Sounds: You can toggle the sounds from playing the Brain Games on and off using the switch.

Music Volume: In addition to adjusting the music volume within the Music module, you can select Music Volume to adjust it here as well.

Voice Notification: If you do not want your pop-up notifications to be read aloud, you can turn it off by toggling the switch.

Terms and Conditions: The Terms and Conditions can be accessed here.

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