Frequently Asked Questions

Can multiple people download the Nili Mobile App?

Yes! This is part of what makes Nili so special as a care coordination system. The first care partner to pair with the Nili Tablet will be the account manager and both that user and the tablet can generate a secure 6-digit code to add additional care partners to the care group.

What does it mean to be an Account Manager?

The Account Manager is denoted by a star on their profile picture on the Groups screen and has access to invite and remove members from the care group. They also will set up the user profile for the Nili Tablet. Besides that, all care partners have the same level of access and information. The Account Manager can transfer this status to another care partner in their account settings. (Note that the purchaser of the Nili system can also transfer the Account Manager status to a different care partner (or themselves) using their account, even if they are not the Account Manager at the time).

How does billing work?

Billing, care partners management, and order information can be found on

How do you join a care group?

Once a care partner has downloaded the Nili Mobile App, the Account Manager can send them a 6-digit code or a link to securely associate their account with their desired care group. A 6-digit code can also be obtained through Settings on the Nili Tablet.

Can I purchase Nili for someone outside the US?

At this time, Nili is only available in the US.

Does Nili require Wi-Fi?

Yes, the Nili Tablet requires a Wi-Fi connection. Connecting to Wi-Fi will be prompted during the tablet setup.

What iOS versions and Android versions are supported by Nili Mobile App?

Nili Mobile App supports iOS 14 and newer and Android 9 and newer.

How will I receive notifications?

You can receive push notifications through the app directly on your smartphone. By default, the notifications are just for a new message or an incoming video call. However, for critical tasks, such as medications, the care partners can opt-in to receive a push notification alert if the task is not marked as complete.

How does the Nili Tablet differ from a tablet I already have?

The Nili Tablet is locked down so that only the Nili tablet features are available. Your loved one will not be able to surf the web or be susceptible to cyber or phishing attacks. Only those within the care group can interact with the Nili Tablet.

Can the Nili Tablet be used for emergencies?

No, the Nili Tablet would not be suitable for emergencies. Please dial 911 on a phone.

Does the tablet require a password or passcode?

The Nili Tablet does not require a password or passcode so as not to confuse your loved one. As it requires Wi-Fi, it is intended to stay within the home. (Although you can certainly bring it on a vacation so long as there is a Wi-Fi connection!)

How secure is the Nili Tablet?

The Nili Tablet is secured using Mobile Device Management software to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, all data is transferred to and from the tablet using the same standard encryption methods as your bank or credit card.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to your Nili care group. The tablet will no longer be functional.

Do I keep the Nili Tablet if I cancel my subscription?

The tablet must be mailed back upon the cancellation of your subscription, otherwise, you will face a fee. We will provide instructions on how to ship the Nili Tablet back to us.

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