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Man using Nilicare app on tablet.

Stay Connected, Empower Independence

Nili supports healthier, more connected, and happier living for seniors while providing peace of mind for caregivers

A Safe, Secure Platform for Peace of Mind

Nili is a secure tablet that helps seniors stay connected with their loved ones and a care coordination app for caregivers that lowers burden and stress - for those near and far.

Man looking at Nilicare app on tablet.

Nili Tablet

Designed for older adults, this easy-to-use tablet promotes independence and well-being.

Woman looking at Nilicare app on phone.

Tech-enabled Mobile Caregiving

Manage and coordinate care for your loved ones from the Nili Mobile App. Have peace of mind and empower them to maintain their independence.

Featured in:

Axios Today's Caregiver HomeCare


Age 27

Caregiver to grandmother

“It has made it easy to have a regulated routine and allows us both to have peace of mind through organization. I truly believe that my grandma's quality of life as well as mine has improved.”


Age 47

Cares for fiance

“I take care of tasks that are too difficult for him such as managing his medications and doctor's appointments. This tablet has been helpful because he can visually see what things he needs to take care of each day.”


Age 27

Caregiver to grandmother

"I spend simply 5-10 minutes looking at Nili and seeing myself what was completed and then spend quality time with my grandma for the rest of [our time]. We now have time for her to tell me stories, do puzzles, watch TV, and actually enjoy the time we spend together."


Age 47

Cares for fiance

"I don't have to "nag" him and make him feel "less than" as I can simply check the tablet or the app to see if he has completed his tasks for the day."

Baylor College of Medicine.

Clinical Validation

Nili was developed in collaboration with geriatric and dementia care experts at Baylor College of Medicine, with support from the National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health.

Two seniors holding hands.

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